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“I cannot recommend SWMAS highly enough for helping with business planning, strategy, and manufacturing processes.”

“SWMAS broke our objectives down into manageable projects and the outcomes are fabulous.”
“SWMAS has helped us to turn our vision into reality and we are now very excited about the future direction of our business”.

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Bruce Hodgson

''Artichoke are at an exciting phase of growth and development. As we scale, we need help for our people to move with us and SWMAS provided valuable support for some of our key people on that journey.''

Bruce Hodgson
CEO & Creative Director
, Artichoke
ICONS (white, transparent background) (8)

''Before engaging with SWMAS and the SIRI project, Industry 4.0 and ‘factories of the future’ seemed like a pipe dream only relevant to companies such as Amazon, Apple or Google. SIRI quickly changed our mindset of this being an unobtainable destination, to a journey accessible to all.  By comparing our facilities and operations with competitors, the steps needed to improve became clear. Like all journeys, a good guide is essential. Nik Brown delivered a fantastic job,  navigating us through the process and identifying an improvement framework to ensure we become a connected and autonomous company.''

Chris Baggs
Technical Director
, LipCo Engineering

“With the closure of pubs, we weren't sure if we would even be able to stay open at all. But we have been bowled over by the response from our customers to our online store. Sales soared, and the first things to sell were our cans. We realised that we needed to invest in our own machine and this grant made a difficult decision easy. It will create jobs and build the local resilience of supply for us and many other producers. Thank you SWMAS for your swift and professional service.”

Barny Butterfield
Managing Director, Sandford Orchards
, Sandford Orchards

“It was a pleasure working with SWMAS, and the Make it Net Zero programme provided help and support to measure our carbon footprint. This played a pivotal role in identifying the areas within our business where our footprint could be reduced. With further support from SWMAS, we were able to write our pledge and develop a plan to take us forward.”

Josie Chamberlain
Quality Systems Manager, Rotec
, Rotec
Geoff Stockley - RevMo headshot

The SWMAS specialist was able to effectively identify the key areas of efficiency improvement that would have the greatest impact on our business. He was full of ideas and recommended several valuable interventions that would make a real difference and result in significant improvements. Thank you for all your help, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

Geoff Stockley
Works Manager
, RevMo
V3 headshot for webpage

“This support has been fantastic in helping us to develop and progress our product through to the manufacturing stage. The grant funding has also enabled us to procure a mould tool for manufacturing purposes. The demand for this product has been hugely positive, which is great considering the potential benefits it could have on the environment. We are now looking at exciting future opportunities, and none of this would have been possible without this support from SWMAS.”

Tina Robinson
Founder, Our Only World
, Our Only World
Jason Goozee headshot

I have worked with the SWMAS Team, over many years. They have always been extremely supportive as well as offering real-world manufacturing experience and advice along the way. SWMAS has helped us to turn our vision into reality and we are now very excited about the future direction of our business

Jason Goozee
Head of DCW Polymers
, Devon Contract Waste
Clare headshot

With intentions to significantly improve our production facilities, we knew we had to develop our team structure and processes too, so sought help from SWMAS. The Manufacturing Specialist broke our objectives down into manageable projects and the outcomes are fabulous.

Clare Pengelly
Production Manager
, Buttermilk Confections
Carole headshot all sewn up
“I am very proud of the fact that not only have we survived through this pandemic, but we have also managed to start up a new, innovative, company, enabling us to retain current staff and employ more people. SWMAS has been a great support through these challenging times, offering relevant advice, and helping to make us more aware of what’s needed to ensure that this new business progresses.”
Carole Champion
, All Sewn Up Ltd
Mario CT Production headshot

"SWMAS provides an excellent service. Their guidance has been invaluable throughout the entire process, from initial decision-making to implementation and supporting ongoing operations. We have developed a strong relationship with SWMAS over the years and look forward to building on this and calling on their expertise as we look to the future."

Mario Morilla
Managing Director
, CT Production

The help and support from SWMAS’s Make it Net Zero Programme has been extremely useful to our business. The process has identified realistic and achievable commercial benefits for us, including bottom line savings, customer engagement, and creation of new revenue streams. By developing our strategic roadmap, both myself and the senior management team have a path to follow to add value to the business and the environment.

Nick Palmer
Managing Director
, EPS Services & Tooling
“The Hinkley Supply Chain team supported us with this opportunity by introducing us to the customer after working with them to understand their needs. We had the necessary capabilities and were passionate about this project, understanding the importance of future Nuclear Engineers being able to use real life systems in their training. The Hinkley Supply Chain Team has been an invaluable asset to us over the years. They have not only helped us raise our profile, but also provided targeted guidance to help us identify, prepare for, and ultimately win work at Hinkley Point C.”
Chris Escott
Director - Berry & Escott Ltd
, Berry & Escott Ltd
Mike Rendell MD PD Devices 2
“Completing the Supplier Induction Programme has given us a fantastic insight into safety considerations important within the nuclear industry. As a company wishing to break into the nuclear market, I feel that the knowledge gained by attending this course has been hugely beneficial.”
Mike Rendell
Managing Director
, PD Devices
Elaine headshot

This investment has resulted in increased productivity and more cost-effective operations, and we are delighted to be able to pass these benefits on to our customers. SWMAS always offers excellent manufacturing advice. In this instance, when we recognised a need for automation within the business, they acted as an ideal conduit, facilitating further specialist support from a third-party expert. This provided valuable guidance to help us confidently implement this significant business improvement.

Elaine Slater
Managing Director, Hy-Pro
, Hy-Pro

“We’ve always found SWMAS really helpful and supportive. The Make it Net Zero investigation and advice is proving invaluable in structuring our future plans with regard to energy usage and emissions. As a company increasingly in zero emission vehicles, its important that our working environment reflects our products. The analysis by SWMAS gave us some surprises and an insight into how we can save emissions as well as money, so a big win all round.”

Simon Saunders
Managing Director, Ariel Motors
, Ariel Motors
“We like to think of ourselves as experts and ground-breaking innovators in our sector, however, that doesn’t make us experts in business growth. From experience, we know there are many pitfalls along the way, particularly during periods of rapid growth, and for that reason, I have always put immense value on the mentoring and support we receive from SWMAS.”
Bob Griffin
Managing Director
, Tomcat
“The COVID-19 situation led us to re-evaluate our position and practices, and SWMAS came along just at the right time to help us. This year, the business will focus on Lean manufacturing and Continuous Improvement, using the methods and techniques SWMAS has shown us. This will enable us to improve our sales targets and develop a more cohesive team, to achieve process-driven improvements. We have more training planned with SWMAS and more tools to learn and look forward to benefiting from their continued support and expertise.”
Georgina Colman and Stuart Climance
Joint Directors
, Adcutech
Randa headshot
“SWMAS has been a huge help to our business over the last few months, helping us seek clarity on where we are and where we want to be. Tony is very perceptive and took the time to really understand our business, and us as individuals, which will help to guide Hullabaloos in the right direction. I cannot recommend SWMAS highly enough for helping with business planning, strategy, and manufacturing processes.”
Randa Abdullah Hucker
, Hullabaloos

“As an SME with limited resources, working towards a carbon neutral future looked to be quite a daunting task. As is often the case with these types of things, knowing where to start was the biggest hurdle. Working with SWMAS has made the process painless. The team provided clear and concise support throughout, which enabled us to get our Future Net Zero Standard Benchmark Certification for carbon emissions within two months.”

Tony Newbold
Technical and Commercial Manager
, Magma Moulding
Rachael Absolute PR and Marketing headshot

It’s been a pleasure to work with SWMAS as we commenced our exciting transition to becoming a net zero business. The sound advice and support we have received from SWMAS along the way has been invaluable as, whilst there’s lots of information widely available, it can be confusing and inaccurate. We’re really grateful to have the team's expert advice on all things net zero to provide clarity and direction

Rachael Whitson
Managing Director
, Absolute PR and Marketing

Working with SWMAS has not only been a very straightforward experience, but also invaluable in terms of the expertise they have shared with us. Their Manufacturing Specialists have a wealth of experience, which they used to help us apply simple and effective business improvements, resulting in clearer decisions and simpler processes.

Mike Nicholson
Managing Director
, Gripsure

Speed to market matters to our customers, so investing in a 3D printer that dramatically cuts our manufacturing lead times made sense. This investment has resulted in numerous tangible benefits for the whole business. SWMAS has been invaluable throughout the entire process and remain our trusted ‘go-to’ Specialists when we need practical support and funding advice for all things manufacturing.

Tom McMurtrie OBE
Managing Director
, Hymid
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