What is the Manufacturing Barometer?

The UK’s largest quarterly survey of small and medium sized manufacturers, designed to capture the views and challenges of the small and medium-sized businesses who account for over 99%* of UK manufacturing firms.

How is the data used?

Survey findings are anonymised, aggregated, and included in quarterly Manufacturing Barometer publications. These valuable insights are shared with government, and other influential stakeholders, to inform future industrial strategies.

SWMAS launched the Manufacturing Barometer in 2009

Since 2012, this survey has covered the whole of the UK, produced in partnership with the national Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS). When this closed in December 2015, SWMAS continued the survey to represent the voice of the SME manufacturing sector, both nationally and across the South West.

What are the benefits?

Exclusively for UK based, small and medium-sized manufacturers, the Barometer offers these firms:

A platform to make their voice heard in a sector that is often dominated by large corporations

A chance to highlight the specific support they require, which SWMAS will use to design future services that address the challenges and opportunities revealed each quarter

The ability to influence future stakeholder support so that it enables sector growth by meeting the specific needs of small and medium-sized manufacturers

An opportunity for responding businesses to have their good news and achievements featured in the quarterly Manufacturing Barometer publication, and across social media channels

The Manufacturing Barometer

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