Operational Leadership Programme

Operational Leadership Programme

This popular course has been specifically designed to develop key personnel in frontline supervision and management roles to support the needs of the business and its people.

About the event

Delivered over several months, this in-depth learning is particularly suited to those stepping into a leadership role for the first time. It offers them the framework and practical toolkit needed to tackle some of the most common barriers to sustainable growth.

This programme helps individuals develop positive leadership behaviours to increase credibility and give them the confidence to step up to business challenges.

By combining face-to-face training with project-based improvement activity, it offers a unique chance to not only develop internal staff, but also directly impact the business’s bottom line result.

This is a seven day programme, typically delivered once a fortnight over a 12 week period.

Cost: £2000 per delegate.

The next programme is being delivered at the Somerset Energy Innovation Centre in Bridgwater.

Thursdays – 26th September, 10th October, 24th October, 7th November, 21st November, 5th December and 19th December 2024.

What our customers say

''I attended the 12 week programme which gave me the opportunity to meet a very diverse group of people and learn and understand the key principles required to be a knowledgeable and successful leader. It was clear that Tony's knowledge was not only in-depth, but current. His style of delivery made it impossible not to be engaged! It was really enjoyable and every session gave me something new. This programme has now led me to greater things and has no doubt made me a more effective leader.''

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''The programme was excellent and two of my team have now successfully completed it. What has been most impressive is the way in which Tony facilitated the transfer of the lessons taught, back into our business and the businesses of the other attendees. Both of our team showed growth in their leadership capability and through a work related project demonstrated a measurable level of continuous improvement within their departments. I would have no hesitation in recommending SWMAS to any business for leadership training, coaching and business improvement facilitation.''

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''Tony tutored us through the programme and despite us being a 'challenging' group at best, he maintained a professional and calm exterior at all times. Once the course was completed, Tony did not stop caring and he regularly catches up with people from our delegation to check in on our progress. Tony cares about businesses, but also the people within them and this is evident on first meeting him. If Tony can't bring out the best in people then nobody can.''

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