From MAS and beyond…
A history of SWMAS since it was first established back in 2002.

SWMAS specialise in
productivity and growth

We offer flexible, bespoke support that helps firms to:

We have established relationships with a number of national, regional and local partner organisations, all delivering a range of useful services so if we can’t help you, we probably know someone who can!

What sets us apart is our ability to help customers find the solution to problems they didn’t even know were there.

We read between the lines to uncover the root cause of any issues or bottlenecks so they are addressed appropriately and resolved once and for all. By taking the time to truly understand the firms we work with, we can support each stage of their business development journey…recommending future actions that will support continuous improvement and promote operational excellence.

The result

Streamlined Processes

Improved Productivity



Our Team

With a delivery team made up of engineers, business improvement coaches, supply chain specialists, and low carbon experts, SWMAS can offer your business a wide and diverse range of industry experience, knowledge, and skills.

Your trusted business support provider

From adopting new and improved processes and developing your workforce, through to launching products, entering new markets, working towards net zero, and measuring results for continuous improvement, SWMAS can help your business reach its goals.

Our Services